Planned Parenthood Buddies Attack Abstinence: What a Shock?

Texas Freedom Network, a liberal group founded by the current head of Planned Parenthood and former Chief of Staff of Nancy Pelosi (now that’s liberal), Cecile Richards, has released another one of their propaganda surveys and of course the media is falling all over themselves to report about it.   It should be no surprised that this propaganda survey attacks abstinence.  This group and others like them want kids to have more sex, so they can then have to pay for more contraceptives, STD testing, and abortions, which makes big money for Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in the U.S. Texas is an abstinence-based state, not an “abstinence only” state.  Anyone who says otherwise is misinformed or purposely trying to distort the truth.  Section 28.004 (e)(5) makes this point very clear.

See this link for an article where one reporter actually quoted both sides, with our quote.

We’ve already told you about bills that have been filed, attacking abstinence-based education (HB 741).  Now add to that list HB 1567 by Rep. Villareal of San Antonio and Sen. Van de Putte.

7 Responses to Planned Parenthood Buddies Attack Abstinence: What a Shock?

  1. Alanda says:

    I tried to go to the legislative server but got an error message that said it took too long to respond. Thanks for this blog; we need more like it!

  2. jonathansaenz says:

    Alanda, try again today. I think the Texas Legislature’s website was down over the weekend. I too had problems with access.

  3. Fluff says:

    Jonathan Saenz mentions that Planned parenthood wants younger people to have sex so that they can make more money? Don’t be silly, I would find that would be something the condom or contraceptives companies need to worry about. Even though the Planned parenthood does what he mentions, he shows no evidence that backs his claim up.

    To be honest, abstinence is %100 effective but in reality you can’t tell a person, ‘you’re not allow to have sex until marriage’ (might have worked 20 years ago, but now? Forget about it). Some might agree but others however would not. So if you can’t prevent them from having sex you might as well educate them about pregnancy and STDs. You can’t expect a human being not to do the most basic primitive feature it was created to do. It’s also quite psychological at that age where if you’re told you ‘Can’t’ one would go off and find a way to if they really wanted to, that and it’s also human curiosity.

    Besides, if you beleive your child is so under educated in this subject, take the time and sit down with them and talk about it. You, as a parent, educate them, instead of relying on schools who don’t seem to really go into detail in this regard at all.


  4. jonathansaenz says:

    I agree, that Planned Parenthood does want more kids to have sex so they can make more money. At public school, should Planned Parenthood and their firends be instructing 11 year-old,6th grade boys and girls on how to use condoms and about “the pill”? At 11 years old?

    It’s the government’s role to tell kids information that is healthy to them, like telling them, abstinence is effective 100% of the time. This is not about what the government “allows.” It’s about giving them accurate information.

  5. Fluff says:

    I understand your point of view, but on one of my blog posts I posted about a young british 11 year old girl who had gotten pregnant by a 14 (15ish) year old boy. This was posted several months ago. Since there I’ve gotten over 30 some odd comments with a mixture of children – by that I mean ELVEN year olds and up- who mention that they are pregnant/had a baby/have stds.

    So, the answer to your question is YES. Children at 11 are getting pregnant that is the reality now and if you don’t teach them at 11, then when would be a right time to teach them of STDS and preggers….after they’ve done it?

    I don’t agree with the fact that at 11 you should have sex, cause honestly I believe at that age you simply are not prepared to care for another life or much less care for your own. But the point here I want to make is that it Does Happen, even though it technically shouldn’t. So yes, 11 year olds or even 9-10ish year olds should learn all possibilities of protected sex as well as encourged to preform abstinence. You have to consider they are human though, and people are people and you can’t tell someone not to have sex when it all boils down to It’s Their Own Body.

    Abstinence being 100% is accurate infomation, but it doesn’t end there. Instead of being taught not to have sex, they should also be taught that if they do have sex here is how to prevent your life from being doomed.

    I believe you shouldn’t limit them to just abstinence teachings. Yes, abstinence is 100% effective in the ideal mind, but people aren’t going to save themselves all the time. So preparing them for when it does happen – because it will – would probably be the best way to prevent unwanted preggers as well as increased rates of STDs.

    If the child wishes to have sex at 12 with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend they should be educated before hand. Also keep in mind, just because they’re educated about sex and STDS it doesn’t mean it’ll be applied the moment they get out of class, it could be applied 3-5 years down the road.

    This is something one can’t just go, ‘just cause they’re 11 doesn’t mean they should be exposed to these teachings’. Cause reality have it, 11 year olds are having sex. So teaching them the accurate information and all their options before they even consider it to keep them save from ruining their futures I am completely for.

  6. jonathansaenz says:

    It is interesting to know that you also think 9 year-olds should be taught how to use a condom and about “the pill.” I think you would agree, though, that abstinence should be continued to be taught as the preferred method, correct? Would you also agree that it should continued to be taught that abstinence is 100% effective? Would you oppose any legislation that tries to “water down” these truths?\

  7. Fluff says:

    “The study, released Tuesday, found that more than 94 percent of school districts teach only abstinence when it comes to sex education, and 2 percent ignore the topic altogether. Just 4 percent teach students about how to respond to pregnancy and prevent sexually transmitted diseases. ”

    “David Wiley…Said that despite spending the most money on abstinence instruction, Texas continues to have one of the highest teen birthrates in the nation.”

    AS I mentioned perviously, it should be continued but it shouldn’t be the only one that is taught. If those numbers are true, 94% of schools are teaching abstinence and there are still high teen birthrates.

    What does this say to you?

    And I’m sorry, maybe I missed something, where does it say that a legislation is trying to water down the truth of abstinence not being 100% effective?

    Let me just sum up: Abstinence is effective but you can’t expect curiosity not to take over when it comes down to sex. Abstinence is not ideal or the prefect method for children to practice because when they hit 18 or so, or whenever they choose, they will have sex. So abstinence there does not help them, which is why teaching all possiblities, the pill, the condom, the patch, or even emergency contraceptives should also be part of their education.


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