Ultrasound Bill-Full Senate Vote This Week!!

SB 182, by Sen. Patrick has been placed on the Senate Intent Calendar and could be voted on as early as Wednesday or possibly Thursday by the full Texas Senate.  This bill requires that an ultrasound be performed on a woman considering abortion and that the woman is offered an opportunity to view the ultrasound image and hear the baby’s heartbeat.  The pregnant woman is absolutely not required to view the ultrasound image or hear the heartbeat.


Please Contact your State Senator and ask them to support this excellent, pro-life bill, SB 182: Bill Text

Click here Senators’ information.  CALL NOW!!!  http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/ 

Texas Senators: http://www.legis.state.tx.us/Members/Members.aspx?Chamber=S

One Response to Ultrasound Bill-Full Senate Vote This Week!!

  1. Renee Manly says:

    It is frustrating that lawmakers are encouraging women to make lifelong decisions based on a knee-jerk emotional reaction. Of course no one wants to terminate human life. But when the alternative is a child raised by parents who never wanted a child, aren’t ready for a child, or can’t financially support one, how can we say that growing up with often times a single parent or at best two parents struggling to make the best of a situation they never wanted to be in, is better than terminating a life before it even begins? Those trying circumstances are just the opposite of what a child needs to thrive. Not to mention the possibility of growing up being bounced around into different foster homes and being turned out on the streets alone at 18. What we should be doing is educating pregnant women on what all goes into caring for a child to ensure that they are 100% prepared to give their baby everything they need to succeed in life.

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