Attack On Parental Rights/Veto SB 1440 Update: Your Calls Are Working!!

SB 1440, a bill which  strips parents of fundamental constitutional parental rights is still undecided.  It was sent to Gov. Perry last week and has yet to be signed, so it appears that your calls are working as Gov. Perry has yet to make a decision on this bill.

The call to VETO SB 1440 continues to get louder as we joined with other organizations to have a major press conference on Wednesday and more and more stories and blog posts continue to be writteen about this issue.

 If you have not done so yet, PLEASE call Gov. Perry and ask him to VETO SB 1440!

Click here to find out more about the dangers of SB 1440.

Call 512-463-2000

Also, please call your own State Representative and ask him/her to ASK GOV. PERRY TO VETO SB 1440!

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