Christmas Editorial; Christmas Discussion, SBOE Meeting Today-Live Blogging!

The State Board of Education meeting has begun.

Great Op-ed today in El Paso Times. (Don’t delete [Christmas] from classrooms. ElPasoTimesChristmas

David Barton, expert review member, of Wallbuilders, has on display here, an incredible collection of historical documents that are a part of his personal collection.  This is getting a lot of attention from the people at the meeting.

sboebibleThe first Bible in English in America is one of his impressive items on display, published in 1782.

SBOE Chairman Gail Lowe: She is discussing the proposal that Christmas and Rosh Hashanah be removed.  Her comments- “Very doubtful, that this proposal will stand.  I would be surprised if that (proposed change remains).”

5:45 p.m. SBOE Member Leo suggests Bible and writings of Williams Blackstone being listed as reference documents for basis of found of U.S. Government.

5:35 p.m. SBOE Chairman Lowe: Why is there only a specific reference to the Democratic Party and not other parties?  Appears theres a “catch-all” section for all other political parties.  Where has the outrage been on this?   If it were the other way around, the liberals would be  having a fit.  Oh, wait a minute, they already did when examples of conservatives and conservative organizations were mentioned.

5:15 p.m. SBOE Member McLeroy: Why was this langauge initially taken out? (“describe how religion contributed to the growth of representative government”).  McElroy discusses how the SBOE reined the review committee in, back in April on this when they were going to take this language out.  Why? 

Review member:  We made a mistake, and after further review we decided we needed to put it back in.

Nice job, Don McLeroy

4:45 p.m.  6th Grade Review committee, talking about the removal of Christmas and Rosh Hashanah.  Review committee member says even her mother called her and wanted to know why Christmas has been removed.  I think they got the message.  Review committee member states that important religious holidays for the major religion will put back in.  I assume that means that Christmas and Rosh Hoshanah will be put back in the Social Studies curriculum.  We’ll see when there updated version comes out in October.  We’ll wait until then to declare preliminary victory, as no vote has been taken by the SBOE members.

4:05 p.m.  SBOE member Craig: Why is Neil Armstrong out?  (yes, thank you-why in the world would you take out the first man on the moon?)  Review member:  We’ll look at that at consider putting him back in.

12:30 p.m. David Barton’s presentation has begun. Does any historian really know more about American history and society than David Barton? Have you heard of Elizabeth Lewis?  Haym Salomon? Wentworth Cheswill?  John Roth? Barbary Power War?(longest lasting war in American history). Do a search,  you’ll be amazed of how significant these persons are, and they are not mentioned at all in Social Studies.

SBOE Member Berlanga: I read in the newspaper that you want to take Cesar Chavez out of the social studies?” 

Barton:  “That’s not true.” “I wanted more minorities in not less.” 

Berlanga: Henry Cisneros?   Barton: He is noteworthy recognition for current/contemporary leaders not as a historical figure.

SBOE Member Knight:  Do you take your presentation “on the road.”  Barton:  Yes-miitary groups, churches, NAACP, etc.  Wow, NAACP has had David Barton make a presentations for them?  That’s going to really confuse and irritate the Austin Liberals.

11:17 a.m. Expert reviewers are testifying:  De la Teja testified.  I stepped out to do a TV interview with FOX 7, so missed most of his testimony. 

sboe2 001

Peter Marshall testifying, focuses on the phrase “all men are created equal” , its importance to slavery issue, womens’ movement, civil rights movement and the pro-life issue (equality for unborn children).

Cesar Chavez and Thurgood Marshall and are still in the Social Studies curriculum nor were they ever removed.  “I am not aware that any SBOE member is in disagreement with this.”

Rep. Eddie Rodriguez is making a presentation speaking in support of keeping Cesar C havez and Thurgood Marshall in the social studies standards.

Testifying-Jewish organization representative recommending Jonas Salk (polio vaccine inventor) and Albert Einstein being kept in the standards, recommend use of word “Judeo-Christian” instead of Hebrew.  Salk and Einstein have been reomved in the proposed changes.  Great points! You’ll remember we brought the Albert Einstein issue to your attention.

SBOE Member Bob Craig;  You would want Rosh Hashanah back in?  (testifier) Yes, of course.

Kathy Miller of theextreme liberal Texas Freedom Network (the front group for Planned Parenthood-this group (TFN) was originally started by Cecil Richards-current head of Planned Parenthood and former Chief of Staff for Nancy Peolis) testifying,:

Observing process- she’s very concerned, “looks like were putting politics ahead of education. ”  I guess she’s talking about herself? Maybe she’s talking about Democratic State Representative Eddie Rodriguez who was the only elcted official to testify before the SBOE, a move which is extremely rare.

 This is her chance to bash David Barton and others. 

Texas Freedom Network supports taking Christmas out of the current social studies curriculum.

There she goes again, trying to desperately rename the 6th grade Social Studies course.  Why? Because she and her group are losing badly on the “Christmas” and “Rosh Hoshanah” issue.

Steve Schafersman is now testifying: He’s a political advocate that is still mad because he lost badly on the Science & Censorship issue, and now he is taking this chance to bash the SBOE members.

4 Responses to Christmas Editorial; Christmas Discussion, SBOE Meeting Today-Live Blogging!

  1. Jacob says:

    Thanks for mentioning the great pieces of history on display at the meeting. As soon as I read it I hurried downstairs so I can look. All amazing pieces from a great collection.

  2. jdg says:

    TFN has a response for you….

    “TFN Says:
    September 19, 2009 at 3:09 pm
    We have been amused at how often the pious folks at FMF violate the Commandment against lying.”

  3. jonathansaenz says:

    jdg-were amused by your obsession with our blog, thanks for helping increase our traffic. Were also amused that you keep refering to yourself as “jdg”. Why are you hiding behind initials?

  4. By far the most concise and up to date information I found on this topic. Sure glad that I navigated to your page by accident. I’ll be subscribing to your feed so that I can get the latest updates. Appreciate all the information here

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