Opportunity to Defund Planned Parenthood Is Now; Vote Is Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Texas House will debate and vote on HB 1, the general budget bill (appropriations). We need your help to cut spending and defund Planned Parenthood. There are numerous efforts  being made (including the Chisum-Morrison-Burkett amendment) to cut the millions of tax dollars PP receives every year for so-called “family planning”.  Make your call today.

Click here to find your Texas House member. http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/

2 Responses to Opportunity to Defund Planned Parenthood Is Now; Vote Is Tomorrow

  1. cathyd says:

    A vote for HB1 will decimate public education. Was that really your goal? I know you have heard much about teachers being overpaid glorified baby sitters. Think back to your own educations. Do you really believe those lies. Our kids deserve more. Conservative values do not equate the decimation of public education. Let your representatives know that.

  2. jonathansaenz says:

    I have heard of superintendents and other education administrators being overpaid. Haven’t heard that teachers are overpaid. Are high-paid school administrators willing to take a pay cut so they can keep some of thier teachers?

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