Texans for a Conservative Budget launch conservativebudget.com

Liberty Institute supports a Texas State Budget that will live within the state’s fiscal means.  Texans for a Conservative Budget, a strong coalition of conservative groups and organizations from around the state and which Liberty Institute is a part, has launched a new website: conservativebudget.com/

We encourage you to visit the website and find out how you can tell your Representatives that Texas deserves a conservative Budget.

2 Responses to Texans for a Conservative Budget launch conservativebudget.com

  1. Cindy Middleton says:

    How can anyone brag on the state of the Texas economy with so many teachers and law enforcement officers fired for no reason? The uncaring attitude on the part of this governor is shameful! This situation has caused untold grief for thousands of Texans. The people represented by this website could care less about the unemployment of people who work with kids and protect the citizens of Texas!
    Please don’t make advertisements as if you were representing all Texans. Believe me you don’t represent hundreds of thousands!

  2. jonathansaenz says:

    Texas has been rated the best state for business for numerous years recently. Hundreds of people move to Texas every day because our economy and business climate is in such better shape than places like California and New York. The Texas government is making tough decisions because there are less tax dollars available at the state level. Some government workers that rely solely on our tax dollars to pay their salary are unwilling to take pay cuts. Numerous school superintendents are making over $200,000 a year of tax dollars and at least one has a very plush car allowance every month. Many teachers have lost their job because the education lobby refuses to allow teachers to take a pay cut during these lean economic times instead of losing their job.

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