Texas Sonogram Bill Passes Senate on Final Vote (Third Reading)

Vote once again was 21-10.  If Texas House concurs with the Senate on this bill, it will be done and headed to Gov. Perry’s desk for his signature!

4 Responses to Texas Sonogram Bill Passes Senate on Final Vote (Third Reading)

  1. Dana says:

    First, I thank God for the passage of the Texas sonogram bill in the Texas senate. I commend the senate for their obedience to God. Now, what is the update on the Texas Public Acknowledgment of God bill and why don’t I hear more about it?

  2. […] together against the bill, it would not move forward. They did not stand in solidarity for the sonogram bill last week, although this bill is less enmeshed in abortion policy. If the bill is not voted on by […]

  3. Frances says:

    Of the 21 “AY” votes, I am interested in how many abused, neglected and unwanted children these elected officials have adopted and/or fostered into their homes. How embarassing for our great State that they aren’t passing legislation to fix the system that allows children to be terrorized and abused by people who never wanted them in the first place. Shame on our elected officials who supported this legislation without thought of the end results.

  4. jonathansaenz says:

    Frances, if all 21 have adopted and/or foster children in their homes, would you support the Sonogram bill?

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