Constitutional Amendment Election Early Voting Starts Today! Get your Guide at

October 24, 2011


Today,  Texans will begin going to the polls to vote on ten proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution.  One of our main goals at Liberty Institute is to educate and empower citizens to become active and engaged participants in their government, and one of our most effective tools in helping educate citizens are our free Voters Guides.  For the Constitutional Amendment Election, we have put together a non-partisan, educational voters guide that lists a short summary of the proposed amendments while presenting the pros and cons to each in order to help voters make a more informed vote.  At our website,, you can download this free guide and find all the important information related to the election.  The key dates for the upcoming Constitutional Amendment Election are as follows:

October 24th, 2011 – First Day of Early Voting

November 4th, 2011 – Last Day of Early Voting

November 8th, 2011 – Election Day

Please visit and download our Constitutional Amendment Election Voters Guide and share the guide with your family, friends, neighbors, and church.  Amending our state constitution is an important responsibility given to the citizens of Texas, and we encourage everyone to educate themselves on the proposed amendments so that they can cast an informed vote.

U.S. Senate Candidate Forum Was A Great Success

August 1, 2011

On Saturday, Liberty Institute participated in the Tour of Texas Senate Candidate Forum in Austin.  Our own Jonathan Saenz was 1 of 3 panelists asking questions to the candidates and we were able to provide our free Texas Legislative Guides to all in attendence (download the guide at The event was held at the Capitol in the extension auditorium and was packed with conservative activists, tea party supporters, 9-12 groups, and others who where very interested in learning about the candidates.  While all candidates of both parties where invited, only Republican candidates Ted Cruz, Tom Leppert, Glenn Addison, and Lela Pitttenger participated in the event. Newly announced candidate, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, did not attend the event which clearly upset some of the grassroots activists in attendance.

The panelists did a great job of delivering hard hitting questions that the audience was cleary interested in hearing the candidates’ responses to.  Questions hit on key topics of free markets, limited government, the Constitution, social conservative values, immigration, and more.  All the candidates performed well as evidenced by the standing ovation the candidates received at the end of the forum. Check out some pictures from the forum:

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After each Forum, a straw poll of the attendees has been conducted. In a surprise, Glenn Addison lead the Austin poll with 50% support, followed by Ted Cruz in 2nd place at 33%, Lela Pittenger with 12%, and Tom Leppert with 5%. In the previous 2 forums in Houston and San Antonio, Ted Cruz had lead the staw poll.  With 2012 less than a year and a half away and the primaries closer than that, we encourage everyone to continue to be engaged in the political process, paying close attention to the candidates that are jumping into races and incumbents looking for reelection.  These candidates forums are a great way to get to know the candidates running for U.S. Senate and we encourage you to attend one in your area.

Here are the dates for the remaining forums:

Waco – August 13

Plano – October 1

Tyler – October 15

For more details and to register, visit New Revolution Now’s website here.

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