Texas Rally for Religious Freedom -Tomorrow – Texas Capitol-South Entrance!

March 22, 2012

Please stand with us and make your voice heard for Religous Liberty!  Tomorrow, noon, Texas Capitol South Entrance, just along 11th street, we’ll be speaking at one of the many Religious Freedom rallies being held across the country to push back against the Obama Administration’s effort to force religious entities to violate their conscience through Obamacare provisions by having the government force private religious entities to pay for health measure that violate their conscience.  Let me say that again, the government is forcing private religions to violate their religious beliefs and pay for acts that violate their religious beliefs.  I thought these people wanted the government and religion to be separate.  The double standard could not be more obvious.

Let’s also be clear, women have access to abortifacients and birth control at nearly every corner drug store often at a low cost. Access is not the issue.  The issue is that some people have such an entitlement mentality that they think that the government should force you to violate your own religious beliefs with your own private money and pay for their choices.  If Planned Parenthood is so vital to women like they claim, than why aren’t the Hollywood liberals and Lance Armstrong giving more of their private money directly to Planned Parenthood?  If PP is so important than they should be able to survive off private donations.  If not, than their value has been oversold, as we’ve known for many years.

If the government can force religions to pay for free devices on a life and death issue that forces the religious entities to violate their own beliefs, than the religious freedom protection we have in the U.S. Constitution is meaningless and we will all be defenseless against the federal government.

Is personal responsibilty being taught in government schools anymore?  Apparently not enough, if at all.

Stand with Us tomorrow for Religious Liberty!  http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/377925832232013/

Travis County Ends Taxpayer Funded Abortions

August 15, 2011

Late last week, board members of Central Health (formerly Travis County Healthcare District) voted unanimously to end using $450,000 of taxpayer money annually to fund abortion. Travis County was the first Texas county to use taxpayer money for abortion, which it distributed to abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood.

During the Texas Legislative Session, Liberty Institute worked on and supported a bill that passed, ending state funding for healthcare districts that use taxpayer money to pay for abortions. Existing law prevented federal and state-level taxpayer funding for abortion, but this law closes the loophole to make sure that no taxpayer money in the State of Texas funds abortion.

While this is a great step forward for life in Austin, the war continues nationwide as the Obama administration continues to expand abortion services covered under insurance, including several controversial birth control medications.

Obama Administration Un-Defends Marriage

February 28, 2011

Last week, the U.S. Attorney General – the nation’s most powerful attorney – announced that the Obama administration will stop defending the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which protects traditional marriage.  DOMA, which was signed into law by President Bill Clinton, says that the federal government will not recognize same-sex marriage and that states aren’t required to recognize same-sex marriages approved in other states.  It’s beyond outrageous and inexcusable that a President and an Attorney General would refuse to defend a law that it’s their very duty to protect.  Previously, the Obama administration half-heartedly defended DOMA in lawsuits, but now that they won’t defend the law, Congress will be given a shot at making sure this law holds up.

Today, I will be on a radio program with George Stephenson (12:00 – 1:00 p.m.), President and Founder of Grassroots America We the People, discussing this issue.  The show is available to stream at http://toginet.com/shows/grassrootsamericawethepeople

Texas Legislators Mirror Obama, Support Failed Embryonic Stem Cell Research

March 9, 2009

On a day when President Obama, by Executive Order, has ordered drastic expansion of federal taxpayer funding for embryonic stem cell reearch, there are at least 5 bills in the Legislature with the same goal.  HB 543 (Rep. Raymond), SB 208 (Sen. Shapleigh), SB 641 (Sen. Ellis), HB 1190 (Rep. Homer), HB 1764 (Rep. Wooley) authorize the “clone and kill” method of embryonic stem cell research where a human embryo is cloned, the stem cells are removed, and the human embryo is then destroyed.
The clone and kill method of embryonic stem cell research has been a total failure for human benefits and has been abandoned by its pioneer, who created the cloned animal “Dolly the Sheep.”  Texans and taxpayers across this nation should not be forced to throw away money for science that continues to fail. 

The desperate plea for tax payer money for embryonic stem cell research seems to be in large part because private donors won’t support something that doesn’t work have saved over 20,000 lives and been proven to treat over 72 different diseases and illnesses, like Joseph Davis, II, who was cured of sickle cell anemia because of adult stem cells.  Click here for details. http://freemarketblog.wordpress.com/?s=darlene  

SB 73 (Sen. Nelson), and HB 1700 (Rep. Laubenberg) support adult stem cell research and treatment.

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