Attacks on Texas State Board of Education Crushed by Texas Senate

April 14, 2011

Democrat Senator Rodney Ellis surprised his fellow Senators when he offered a floor amendment yesterday to “sunset” the State Board of Education, trying to attach this amendment to a bill that had nothing to do with the State Board of Education.  Thankfully, leaders in the Senate, particularly Republican Senators Florence Shapiro and Jane Nelson, vigorously fought off the sneak attack, and the Senate emphatically rejected this effort and voted it down.  Please call Sen. Nelson and Sen. Shapiro and thank them and remind your Senator that you support the SBOE and you want Gail Lowe to be confirmed as SBOE Chairman, by the Senate!

This week, we also fought against an effort to give unelected education elites influence for our K-12 curriculum standards, like social studies, a role currently left to our elected SBOE.  HB 862, by Rep. Diane Patrick also seeks to “sunset” the SBOE but it has found no support thus far in the House and we are strongly opposed to its passage.

Finally, the Sonogram bill (HB 15) has now passed the Senate committee and is scheduled for a full Senate vote next week!

Breaking: SBOE Attack Bill Fails on Third Reading!!

May 6, 2009

HB 710, on final House Reading, failed to pass by a vote of 71-73.  This is the final House vote for this bill, so this should be it for this issue.  Their is an identical bill in the Senate, SB 513, by Rodney Ellis.  It has not moved at all so it is probably too late for anything happening on this in the Senate.  You can count on us to keep our eye on this issue until the Legislative session ends!

While you were calling and emailing people, we were outside the House Chamber here at the Capitol in Austin talking to House Members about this issue.  Thanks to all the organizations and grassroots supporters for helping to contact your elected officials to get this done!!

Click Here to see how YOUR Representative voted.

If your State Representative voted against HB 710, don’t call them.  Instead send him or her a personal, handwritten letter saying “Thank You!”  They will greatly appreciate it.

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