Video Update: Overview and Wrap-Up of the 82nd Texas Legislative Session

July 1, 2011

While the 82nd Texas Legislative session has ended, our work at the Texas Capitol has not.  Over the coming days, we will be providing recaps of the main issues and votes from throughout the session.  Our first video is a recap of the major issues from the legislative session.

Check back on the blog frequently as we will be providing more detailed summaries of the session including links to important votes and a series of exclusive interviews from some of the influential legislators from the session.

Tx House Still Working-Last Day of Special Session

June 29, 2011

Liberty Institute Statement on ending of 82nd Texas Legislative Session.LibertyInstituteStmtTxSessionWrap

HB 79, omnibus judiciary bill just passed.  Motion to bring TSA/”anti-groping” bill just passed.  We’ll see if it gets a final vote.  TSA bills fails to get required 4/5ths vote (of 150 members) because of last day of special session.  Vote was 96-26.

Special Session Video Update

June 24, 2011

Video update from inside the Texas House Chamber on the final days of the Special Session.  Important updates on SB 7 and the efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.

The vote on SB 7 to defund Planned Parenthood is now expected for Monday of next week.  Please ask your  Texas House and Senate member to Support SB 7!  Make your call now!

Update: “Anti-Groping” Bill added to the special session call.

June 20, 2011

Update: Governor Perry has added the “Anti-Groping” Bill to the special session call.

Tx House Member Makes Strong Request for Gov. Perry to Add “Anti-Groping”Bill to Special Session.

See the letter here by Rep. David Simpson, author of HB 41: TSABillRequest

Letter cites bipartisan support in the Texas House.  References comments Gov. Perry made in his recent book, Fed Up!

Tx Special Session-Day 18: Showdown on Planned Parenthood, Rainy Day Fund

June 17, 2011

As the week ends and we pass the half way point of the 30 days allowed for a Special Session, two unresolved issues we’re following closely are getting a lot of attention.  SB 7 contains pro-life provisions, particularly efforts to finish the job of defunding Planned Parenthood of state tax dollars.  The SB 7  conference committee report was not a pro-life as the version passed by the Senate, so numerous House pro-life members are fighting to get a better conference committee report.  No resolution on this issue thus far.

Use of the Rainy Day Fund is the other issue.  Numerous House Republicans have pledged not to use the Rainy Day Fund, but Democrat member Rep. Donna Howard somehow got an amendment on SB 2, that does just that.  Rep. Phil King made a motion to instruct the SB 2 conference committee members to strip that amendment off, and the instruction received and approving vote of 87-59.

We expect these two issues to be resolved by early next week.

The Special Session could end as early as next week, but my belief is that we could go all they way to Day 30, June 29th.

Video Update on the Special Session

June 13, 2011

Video update on the Texas Special Session.  Important updates on Pro-Life legislation, Premarital education, and more.

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Chance to Defund Planned Parenthood Tomorrow

June 7, 2011

The Texas special session continues.  Senate Bill 7 (SB 7) contains pro-life provisions under which Planned Parenthood stands to lose at least $17 million per year in taxpayer funds if supported by Texas Legislature.

SB 7 has already passed the Senate (with pro-life provisions) and is now up for a vote by the full House this Wednesday, June 8! The House is scheduled to go on the floor at 1 p.m. Please immediately urge your state representative to support the pro-life provisions in SB 7!

These provisions shift the taxpayer funds to health care providers who offer better services to low-income women and their families but do not provide abortions or are not affiliates of abortion providers.  This work was almost completed during the regular session, but delays on other issues prevented this bill from receiving a final vote.  The special session that is now under way gives Texans one last chance in 2011 to finish our goal of defunding Planned Parenthood.

Call your Texas House member today to support pro-life provisions of SB 7! 

Texas Special Session Update: Day 2-More Bills Filed, Congressional Redistricting Added to “Call”

June 1, 2011

Gov. Perry has added Congressional redistricting to the list of items to get done during this first Special Session, as expected.  See the propsed Solomons-Seliger (Plan C125) map here.

Speaker Straus announced this morning that there will be no “floor action” this week on legislation but three House committees will meet to consider bills: Appropriations, Public Education, and Redistricting.  House will briefly be on the floor tomorrow and will then adjourn until Monday.

Lt. Gov. Dewhurst announced yesterday that the Senate is adjourned until tomorrow, and two Senate Committees will meet tomorrow-Finance and Education to take up various bills.

More bills have been filed in the House and Senate.

Texas Legislative Session Ends, Special Session Begins

May 31, 2011

The 82nd Texas Legislative Session ended yesterday.  Victories include the Sonogram bill, the Choose Life license plate bill, a conservative balanced budget (that didn’t raise taxes, doesn’t use the rainy day fund), and Voter I.D. And quickly thereafter, it was announced that the first called Special Session begins today.

Click here to see what bills have been filed in the House and the Senate for the special session.

We’ll continue our work on conservative social and fiscal issues during the special session as well.

Two items we’ll be covering for sure are budget issues related to defunding Planned Parenthood, no use of the rainy day fund and no new taxes, and education policy that respects the authority of the State Board of Education.

82nd Legislative Session Ends, Special Session Begins

May 30, 2011

Today marked the 140th and final day of the 82nd Texas Legislative Session. While important pieces of legislation have been passed this session, other important pieces of legislation, like SB 1811, SB 23, and others, were not passed and remain unresolved. Reports are that a special session will begin tomorrow morning.

See below for a Legislative Update Video on the important victories from this session and for more details about the coming special session.

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